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Learn about the supportive and affordable housing development process.

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ACLAIMH 39th Annual Conference

Converting an ESSHI Award into a Project

Watch the preview here!

Part I of the Supportive Housing Development Series

ACLAIMH 40th Annual Conference

ESSHI - NYC 15/15: Making You Project Happen

Watch the entire presentation here!

Part II of the Supportive Housing Development Series

NEPA Process

Affordable Housing Development using Federal funds (HUD Section 8 Vouchers) requires a NEPA review.

Development Cost - Infographics

Environmental Infographic

Who lives in subsidized housing

Presentation Cover

View the slides from the 2018 presentation.


What are the real facts about Supportive housing?

Affordable Housing50

An easy to follow flow chart from the New York Division of Local Government Services.

Affordable Housing51

Important considerations when choosing a site for development. From the New York Division of Local Government Services.

Addressing Misconceptions About Supportive and Affordable Housing

There are a lot of opinions about Affordable Housing, but are they true?

Browse research regarding the effects on the local community:

Property Values

The value of a particular property is dependent on a wide variety of factors but there is no evidence that the presence of social/affordable housing or other institutions has a disproportionate negative impact on the value of nearby property.

REALTORS Association of Edm0nton. 

Taxes and Public Resources

Additional Research 

Change through Supportive Development.

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